Nutraceuticals are underlying common factors involving all health conditions in today's life. The benefits of good nutraceuticals are multiple: besides helping to regain the loss of nutrition due to sickness, they are essential for the body systems to function optimally for a lifetime. During and after sick sickness nowadays, the required nutrition by the body is not fulfilled. Seriously ill patients and those going through major surgery may require more advanced treatment for disease-related malnutrition. We at Strathspey, give utmost importance to the general health and wellbeing of patients whose health is compromised due to illness.

Human Albumin 20% Solution

100ml Infusion

Essential Amino Acids 9.2%

200ml Infusion

L-Alanyl L-Glutamine 20%

50ml Vial [Injection]

Cholecalciferol 600000IU

5 x 1ml Ampoules [Injection]

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