Who we are

At Strathspey, we take pride in having a set of core values that serve as a guidepost in constantly practicing the highest standards of excellence and honoring our commitments to the company and our customers. Our focus reflects on our product strategy. With our diverse range of products in different therapeutics, we are sure to address the needs for the prevention and treatment of both acute and chronic diseases in years to come.


With a commitment to provide the best and affordable healthcare to society, we strive to incorporate innovative product development and marketing strategies to create a leap in value for our patients.


Our standards are central to supporting our goal for a health and social care system focusing on the best possible outcomes for people who use our products. We are concerned about patient safety and adhere to strict standards of quality control and assurance.


We believe in creating a culture of time internally in our workplace and externally by being strict in our principles with our backward and forward linkages.


Our accountability towards our patients and the medical community lies at the core of any effort that we put in improving quality, satisfying customers, empowering our people, building teams, creating new products, maximizing effectiveness and getting results.

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